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Bi Nka Bi Practice Workshop

How do we do work Unconscious Bias and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility & Belonging when we don’t know ourselves? How do we interact with students, our colleagues, and community members when we do not know ourselves or each other? How can we get to a place of healing, belonging, and love when we do not know ourselves? In this 2-day radical, immersive, intensive, inclusive, and holistic journey, participants will connect with other colleagues to create a campus community and others where everyone’s authentic selves are welcomed, valued, and celebrated. We have been talking about students’ and workers’ belonging and well-being

I can craft a workshop specific to your needs!

Bi Nka Bi (“One must not bite another”) is a Ghanaian Akan Adinkra symbol about Belonging, Justice, Fair play, Freedom, Peace, Forgiveness, Unity, Harmony, and avoidance of conflict or strife.

Playing a Drum

"The Bi Nka Bi workshop with Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum was the most meaningful and memorable professional development workshop I’ve participated in. The multimodal activities we did and the discussions we had, informed by concepts from Akan culture in Ghana, facilitated a deep exploration of our relationships with ourselves and others, and what it means to live and work in community. I would highly recommend the Bi Nka Bi workshop to anyone.”

Rachel L. Shively

Editor and Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics

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